Local & Toll Free Numbers
Purchase both local and toll free numbers through your account console. Then, configure the numbers to route the way you want using our "Flow" builder in your console. Our numbers service both Voice and SMS, so you can create a call flow to handle both Voice and SMS for each number. You can even configure a call flow to perform multiple actions for the same number.

IVRs (interactive voice response) are automated phone systems that can facilitate communication between callers and businesses. If you've ever dialed your credit card company to check on a balance after responding to a series of automated prompts, you've used an IVR. You can easily build simple to intermediate IVRs in minutes using our IVR Flow console. Create IVRs as simple as redirecting an incoming call to your cell phone or an intermediate IVR that presents a company directory or takes a survey. If you require a more complex IVR, such as accessing a database to lookup an account balance or allowing a caller to make a payment, you can build the script that outputs the XML code (See our docs section), host it on your own server and have the call flow redirect to your script. You can also have us build a custom IVR for you. You have the option to use Text-to-Speech or MP3 files for your IVR. Our Text-to-Speech will read the text you type to the caller.

Send & Receive SMS through your console. Use your Virtual Attendant number to communicate with your customers through SMS. Provide customer support or send a billing reminder. You can create multiple users / employees and multiple groups, such as Tech Support, in your console. You can then assign users to different groups and have messages delivered to a group. These messages will then appear in the group inbox and each user in the group will see it when they log in. Users can respond to SMS messages right from the inbox.

Why purchase expensive equipment for your small, medium or large business when you can configure your own Virtual PBX. You can create unlimited users in your console. Each user has a built in soft phone when they log into their console. Users can make & receive calls as well send and receive SMS messages right from their browser. All they need is speakers and a microphone. We recommend using a USB headset. Admin users have access to vital information, such as call logs, billing information, managing your numbers, managing call flows and more. Standard users only have access to their messages and personal settings. Create a company directory IVR for your main office number and have calls directed to the proper person based on the selection a caller makes. Created users also appear in each others directory so they can dial each other directly from their soft phone, just like a physical office phone & PBX.

Every user you create has the option for Voicemail. Each user can configure their voicemail greeting using Text-to-Speech, uploading an MP3 or recording a greeting. Voicemail messages will appear directly in the user's inbox and they can listen to their messages right from their browser. There are no extensions to dial or passwords to enter. No other user has access to an individual user's voicemail. Groups can be utilized for voicemail also, like the SMS option. You can utilize a group for Tech Support and assign users to the group. If your call flow is configured to send a caller to Tech Support voicemail, each user in the group will see the voicemail in the Tech Support inbox when they log into the console.