Call flows

Quickly create your own customized rules to route incoming calls to their desired location. Automatically route calls to the extension or department callers want to reach with IVR menus, create a dial-by-name directory or have callers enter the extension of the person they want to speak with to be connected instantly. You can easily forward calls to your cell or any other phone you`d like so your customers will always be able to reach you. Incoming calls can also be routed to any individual or group of employees, which is perfect for customer service, sales, and scheduling appointments. Create a flow to block incoming phone calls from unwanted callers, unknown numbers or certain area codes. Flows can be created to route incoming calls to different numbers or extensions, as well as menus, surveys and need-specific greetings. And all call flows can be configured based on the time of day a call is received. You can route calls to one or more phone numbers and set them to ring all at once or one at a time. Target your callers more effectively by assigning music tracks or custom recordings about your business, products & services, and special offers to specific call flows. Let us know if you need custom call flows or professional recordings. Our design services are available to create the unique services you need to run your business efficiently.