How It Works

Virtual Attendant is a simple to use, drag & drop interface to configure what you need your number to do. You start out by creating an account that will give you access to all of the features. Once you have your account created, and you've added funds, you can select the Local or Toll Free number you would like to use. You can add as many numbers to your account as you wish and configure each one to do something different.
After you select a number you can assign it to a flow (call or sms) or create a new flow. Configuring your flow is easy using our drag & drop feature. Simply drag the module you want to use and configure the settings for that module. You can make your flow as simple as forwarding a call to a cell phone or land line or more complex like having a company directory and each employee has their own extension.
You can make your flow do other things like take a survey, play messages based on a caller's response, create conference rooms and more. If you find that you need more specialized services or features not offered in our console, please contact our sales department and we can work with you to create a custom application to meet your needs.

With Virtual Attendant's SMS feature you can use your business number for voice and text messages. Simply configure your SMS flows to forward texts to any user or group or route SMS messages based on business hours and keywords.
You can also send broadcast texts or voice messages to users or customers who subscribe to a list. Just configure your SMS flows to announce an event or an update, send out weekly specials and promotions, and provide reminders. Configure your SMS flow to perform surveys and polls, too. Get more out of your marketing campaigns and keep your customers engaged.