Creating a Call Flow to Forward Incoming
Calls to Another Device

  1. Select Flows from the side navigation bar.
  2.  Click “New Flow” button.
  3.  Assign a name to your forwarding flow (i.e. Forward to Cell, Forward to Home)
  4.  Drag the Dial applet to the “drop applet here” box.
  5. Choose a system user or group or enter the phone number you would like to forward incoming calls to.
  6. Select preferred Caller ID option.
  7. Select the Say Before Dial option.
    1.  Choose message type and follow prompts if you would like your caller to know they are being transferred
    2. Choose Nothing to skip notification.
  8. Choose your Call Recording option.
  9. Choose Whisper mode
    1. Announce the caller will tell you who is calling
    2. Connect without announcing will send call to you with no notification.
  10. Select If Nobody Answers option for calls you do not answer
    1. Take voicemail will send your caller to voicemail.
    2. Go to allows you to redirect the call to another call flow you have setup in your system
  11. Click SAVE at top right of web page to save your call flow.