Interactive Voice Response System

Your voters are just a phone call away and with Virtual Attendant’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, you’ll stand out and ensure that voters remember your name and you need a broadcast messaging and donation system that will allow you to focus on managing your campaign. You can have this and more for a lot less than you think.

How will Virtual Attendant help you stand out from the rest and engage your voters?

1. Donation Opportunities

Our IVR system is an easy and effective way to engage voters that doesn’t require going door to door for donation opportunities. Alert them about donation possibilities using a simple menu, such as “Press 1 to learn more about the campaign, press 2 to make a donation.”

2. Appointment Reminders

IVR makes it easy to alert voters about upcoming events such as voting days and times, campaign fundraisers, speeches, appearances and similar happenings. A pre-recorded message containing all important information makes it easy to send reminders to hundreds or thousands of voters. This also saves volunteer time, so they can focus on other aspects of the campaign.

3. Auto Attendant Help

Free up even more staff time using auto attendant and call routing services. Direct all inbound calls quickly and easily using an auto attendant phone system to route calls to the appropriate agent or answering service, so you’ll have 100% of your staff’s time and attention focused exactly where you need it to be.

4. Political Phone Surveys

Utilize the power and flexibility of your IVR to easily conduct mass surveys, allowing you to gather and compile data quickly. Send automated political surveys and polls via IVR not just to voters, but also to employees or volunteers to get feedback and alter your campaign as needed. Automated surveys are easy to set up using navigable menus, with call recipients simply pressing the corresponding buttons to answer questions.

5. Data Collection

Use an IVR for data collection! Record calls and collect responses, track results and analyze the data. Review automated survey responses, track results of automated appointment reminders versus voter turnout, and much more. Fine-tune your campaign strategy and make adjustments sooner; ensuring that you’re reaching the most voters possible about the right issues.

Virtual Attendant’s IVR system

will help your political campaign

reach new heights!







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